• What is your vision of health and/or wellbeing?

  • What are the barriers to achieving health and wellbeing?

  • What are solutions to these barriers?

  • What is one key recommendation for the reader?

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The Art of Wellbeing takes us beyond the silos of traditional healthcare by presenting perspectives from leading physicians and providers, integrative practitioners, clean energy experts, food producers, nutritionists, musicians, and spiritual teachers. These industry leaders answer fundamental questions on wellbeing and highlight innovative approaches within their field of expertise.

7 Diverse Industry Perspectives

Modern and Conventional Health Care

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Clean Energy and Sustainable Design

Healthy Landscapes and Communities

Grassroots Nutrition

Creative Arts and Performance

Mindfulness and Spirituality

What Will Readers Take Away?

Wisdom, principles, and values contributed by multi-sector leaders

Fuel for new and enlightening ways to nourish our mind, body and spirit

Easy actionable steps towards health and wellbeing

Affirmation, relatability to the authors or interviewees

Who Is Our Reader?

Anyone who is seeking different ways to achieve well being

Anyone rebounding from experiencing loss or grief

Those in transition or experiencing a lot of change in their lives – job seeking, re-establishing residence after being out of the country

Providers, professionals, and leaders who are interested in new ways to help their patients, clients, and/or family members

Caretakers of a parent or parents with growing health care needs

Family members whose spouse and parent is ill

Family members who parent/s are in their last months of life

Those interested in new ways to get motivated

People interested in stepping out of their comfort zone

Those seeking transformational change

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Author, Musician


  • Physicians, providers, nurses

  • Complementary and alternative practitioners

  • Clean energy leaders

  • Permaculture designers

  • Artists and musicians

  • Spiritual leaders